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The National Security Agency Spies On Us All, And Conceals The Crimes Of Goldman Sachs

The National Security Agency spies on all Americans illegally. This includes, landline phones, cell phones, internet and probably everything else they can use Government whistleblowers are threatened with prison or worse, if they reveal this Conspiracy. The Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board helps direct these criminal activities. This Board is a secret neo-con government. It is controlled by corporate criminals and war profiteers such as Stephen Friedman of Goldman Sachs.

The CEO of QWEST was prosecuted by the Federal Government for not cooperating with STELLAR WIND. That is the TOTAL 24/7 spying on all Americans by Neo-cons who control our wars and conspire against innocent Americans and maintain the power of the Bankster Corporatocracy. STELLAR WIND is not just about spying. Our Fascist overlords carry out covert ops against patriotic citizens especially government employees who know too many 9-11 secrets. This Invisible Government is similar to the GESTAPO or STAASI.

These attacks against Qwest and all Americans are clearly illegal and widespread. An FBI lawyer tried to be a whistleblower to expose these un-American activities. He was punished for telling the truth.

It was unclear to Tamm what was being hidden from the other 10 judges on the court (as well as the deputy attorney general, who could sign all other FISA warrants). All that Tamm knew was that the "A.G.-only" wiretap requests involved intelligence gleaned from something that was obliquely referred to within OIPR as "the program."
The program was in fact a wide range of covert surveillance activities authorized by President Bush in the aftermath of 9/11. At that time, White House officials, led by Vice President Dick Cheney, had become convinced that FISA court procedures were too cumbersome and time-consuming to permit U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies to quickly identify possible Qaeda terrorists inside the country. (Cheney’s chief counsel, David Addington, referred to the FISA court in one meeting as that "obnoxious court," according to former assistant attorney general Jack Goldsmith.) Under a series of secret orders, Bush authorized the NSA for the first time to eavesdrop on phone calls and e-mails between the United States and a foreign country without any court review. The code name for the NSA collection activities—unknown to all but a tiny number of officials at the White House and in the U.S. intelligence community—was "Stellar Wind."…

The NSA, with the secret cooperation of U.S. telecommunications companies, had begun collecting vast amounts of information about the phone and e-mail records of American citizens. Separately, the NSA was also able to access, for the first time, massive volumes of personal financial records—such as credit-card transactions, wire transfers and bank withdrawals—that were being reported to the Treasury Department by financial institutions. These included millions of "suspicious-activity reports," or SARS, according to two former Treasury officials who declined to be identified talking about sensitive programs. (It was one such report that tipped FBI agents to former New York governor Eliot Spitzer’s use of prostitutes.) These records were fed into NSA supercomputers for the purpose of "data mining"—looking for links or patterns that might (or might not) suggest terrorist activity.

This super secret program was started BEFORE the 9-11 Attacks. The NSA, National Security Agency, seems to be in control, running a program similar to COINTELPRO of the 60’s. Of course the Watergate Scandal was part of COINTELPRO, with the Watergate burglars involved in actual physical attacks against anti-war people. Gordon Liddy made many death threats against “leftists”. Similarly, the criminals who control NSA apparently will break any law to protect Torture, War Crimes, False Flag violence, and Assassinations. Welcome to America.

Early on the morning of Aug. 1, 2007, 18 FBI agents—some of them wearing black flak jackets and carrying guns—showed up unannounced at Tamm’s redbrick colonial home in Potomac, Md., with a search warrant. While his wife, wearing her pajamas, watched in horror, the agents marched into the house, seized Tamm’s desktop computer, his children’s laptops, his private papers, some of his books (including one about Deep Throat) and his family Christmas-card list.

Wayne Madsen adds some details
about the new world order success creating a Soviet America. As early as Feb 27, 2001, QWEST was told to start spying on Americans, long before 9-11. This is very strange that a massive Domestic Espionage Program program was started by the neo-cons, a few weeks after the Supreme Court stole the election for the Bushies.

The illegal NSA surveillance program, once known by its highly-classified code-name STELLAR WIND, was revealed by AT&T employee Mark Klein, who divulged NSA’s “secret room” on the 6th floor at AT&T’s central office on Folsom Street in San Francisco. The “secret room” was next door to the 4ESS phone switch. According to AT&T documents, NSA had direct wiretaps on key Internet circuits on the floor above. NSA’s operation conducted vacuum-cleaner copying of the data stream of the Internet, which included e-mail, web browsing, VOIP phone calls (e.g., Skype) and all the other common Internet services. There is informed speculation that because of an aggressive AT&T internal campaign to transfer all its old long-distance traffic to fiber lines, traditional phone calls that passed through the 4ESS switch were likely transferred to the Internet circuits, making phone calls also very likely subject to NSA eavesdropping…

WMR has been told by NSA insiders that if the full extent of NSA’s illegal operations became public, the American people would go into a “state of shock.”

Goldman Sachs banksters are also part of this conspiracy. Stephen Friedman was appointed to be chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. What are his qualifications? He is a thief and a liar. This fraudster helped plan the Financial Meltdown as a Bushie Economics Advisor and then as Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve. At the same time, he was commiting more fraud. Because he was on the Board of Directors of that greedy vampire squid called Goldman Sachs.

Stephen Friedman, was among those making the decision that AIG’s counterparties should be paid 100 cents on the dollar for its CDS debts. It never made sense that AIG/AIGFP would decide on its own to pay its creditors 100 cents on the dollar for its debts, but now we know, thanks to reporting from Bloomberg, that it wasn’t AIGFP and its CFO Elias Habayeb who was making that decision.

It was, instead, a group of people from the New York Fed who gave that order a group that included Tim Geithner and Friedman. Goldman ended up getting almost $14 billion from AIG after the bailout. And Friedman, we later found out, bought 50,000 shares of Goldman stock after this deal was struck. He resigned in May from the Fed, a few days after the Wall Street Journal broke the story about Friedman’s stock purchases.

Friedman surely had information about key moves involving the bank — like Goldman getting paid off at par in the AIG bailout, or Goldman getting a federal bank charter overnight so that a mountain of cheap Fed money could save it from bankruptcy — before the market got it. That he bought 50,000 shares in Goldman after the AIG bailout and is not in jail right now is sort of amazing, until you consider that it will be a cold day in hell before a former head of Goldman Sachs is arrested for insider trading, even when he gets caught doing it red-handed.

What does Friedman do on the FIAB? He oversees and approves and legalizes torture and assasinations and gets valuable economic information that enriches Goldman Sachs. Friedman also worked with Irak war criminal Paul Bremer. We can assume that Friedman is not just a war profiteer. He is likely a war criminal who helped plan the Irak War along with the other members of the FIAB.

It is up to the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board to provide an answer. The Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) advises the commander-in-chief on the quality of and adequacy of intelligence collection, analysis, counterintelligence, and a variety of other intel-related activities. It also makes recommendations on the legality of foreign intelligence activities.

So we have massive spying on Americans by Corporate criminals. These ratfuckers use their secret power to steal more from us. They also protect the war profiteers. They make their own laws and they are guilty of treason.

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