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In the Village, the Idiots are turning on each other

Oh dear, for a couple weeks Dana Milbank and company have been writing pieces of how poor, sweet, innocent Rahm Emanuel cannot get the President to follow Rahm’s brilliant post-hoc advice. The Village shook.

And now it shakes back as Matlock himself unleashes Broderian outrage, to impose social order like Sally Quinn defending her crab puffs from Roger Ailes.

Emanuel, who left a leadership post in the House to serve his fellow Chicagoan, Obama, has worked loyally for the president and is not suspected personally by his colleagues of inspiring these Post pieces.

But, as one White House staffer said to me, “Rahm likes to win,” and when the losses began to pile up, he probably vented his frustrations to some of his old pals in Congress. It’s clear that some of them are talking to the press.

Oh, I’m sure no one would ever “suspect” Rahm of leaking stuff to the press, to make Rahm Emanuel look better, that would be f***ing retarded. It’s nice to see passive aggressiveness remains entrenched within the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — for 8 years I missed the passivity.

I will not take sides in a Broder vs. Milbank battle, other than to cheer on the war. But there is a point in Broder’s column when you cannot help but utter the statement, “WELL THAT’S RICH”:

From too many years of covering politics, I have come to believe as Axiom One that the absolute worst advice politicians ever receive comes from journalists who fancy themselves great campaign strategists.

That Broder, he’s the comeback kid.



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