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Blanche Lincoln’s Genius Pitch to Arkansas Democrats: I Opposed the Public Option; Also, Democrats Suck

Take a look at this brand new Lincoln campaign spot. I’m trying to decide what the most tone-deaf aspect of it is.

Is it that:

  • She brags about her opposition to the public option when 83% of Arkansas Democrats and 56% of Arkansans overall are in favor of it.
  • She compares the public option, which would help middle and working class people have access to affordable health care, to TARP.
  • She accuses the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress of literally throwing away the American people’s money.
  • She claims to be accountable to “Arkansas” and not “her party” — which implies the Democratic Party doesn’t give a shit about Arkansas.

One Tough Lady? Let’s make Blanche One Former Senator.

Donate to Bill Halter’s campaign.

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