If it wasn’t for ‘whistleblowers’ there wouldn’t have been Nixon’s resignation.

And there are many other issues that our government seeks to hide from us. And then there is the obvious injustice that is done to whistleblowers such as Bradley Birkenfeld.

So it is imperative that we as citizens speak out in our support for ‘whistleblowers’ (having been one in State government and having had my head handed to me for my efforts, I’m very supportive of such efforts by others to inform us citizens).
by letting out Senators know that the provisions of S372 are UNACCEPTABLE.

"Dear Whistleblower Supporters,

My name is Fred Whitehurst and my life’s work is dangerously close to being destroyed. I am a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent who blew the whistle in 1993 on forensic fraud in the FBI crime lab. I put my career on the line because I knew it was the right thing to do. I fought my case for years, eventually won, and secured the right for all FBI employees who report misconduct to have an independent investigation and adjudication of their allegations.

These rights are far from perfect, but they have allowed FBI employees to report and correct wrongdoing. FBI agents have used these procedures to expose threats to our nation’s security, civil liberties violations, FBI agent theft and outrageous defects in the Bureau’s translation and counterterrorism programs.

So, like every other whistleblower and most Americans I was looking forward to seeing President Obama and Congress fulfill their promise to strengthen these whistleblower rights. However, I was horrified to discover that the Senate whistleblower bill does not do this. For national security whistleblowers it does the exact opposite. S. 372 repeals the FBI whistleblower protections that I sacrificed my career for. I am not only a whistleblower, I am also an attorney who personally read the law and can tell you that S. 372 sets back whistleblower rights 30 years.

TAKE ACTION! Demand protection for national security employees!

The Senate bill enhances the state secrets privilege, which allows the government to unilaterally dismiss a case on national security grounds. The country saw this privilege abused to dismiss my friend Sibel Edmonds’ case and now S. 372 makes it easier for an agency to do the same thing to other whistleblowers. Instead of going to court, the agency is given the power to summarily dismiss a whistleblower’s case with no judicial review. Over half of the federal workforce is at risk of suffering the same fate as Sibel Edmonds under the Senate bill.

S. 372 also gives the agencies accused of retaliating against national security whistleblowers the power to investigate and decide their cases. There is no Special Counsel or Inspector General review. Instead, the agency that fired the whistleblower is authorized to investigate the employee and make credibility findings on the employee it just fired. These credibility findings can be made public and used as a basis for stripping whistleblowers of their security clearance.

The Senate repeal of FBI whistleblower protections must be stopped NOW. The national security provisions of S. 372 must be FIXED.

TAKE ACTION! Demand that your senator withhold consent for S. 372 until these provisions are fixed!

The Senate bill is proceeding under a rule known as "unanimous consent." This means that your Senator can personally withhold his or her support for the law and insist that the current FBI protections not be repealed. Every Senator has the authority and power prevent passage of the law in its current form, and can ensure that the FBI whistleblower protections I risked my career to obtain are not repealed! We need your help!

I am imploring you to help save my life’s work. Please contact your Senators and ask that they withhold unanimous consent until these terrible national security provisions are fixed.

We MUST loudly sound the alarm about how S. 372 puts our nation’s security and civil liberties at risk. If passed, the very national security establishment that failed to detect the 9/11 attackers, that submitted false intelligence to justify a war in Iraq, that engaged in torture and then destroyed the evidence, will be able to hide their mistakes and misconduct from the American people.

I know that you received a letter last week from FBI whistleblowers Jane Turner and Sibel Edmonds. If you have already taken action, I want to thank you for your support, but I plead with you to pass this alert onto your friends and family.

If you haven’t taken action, please do so immediately.



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