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The President makes a soggy stop upon the “Broder Ride” (‘ride the Mild Broder!’*) at the Village Amusement Park engaged:

President Obama has sent a letter to congressional leaders outlining four GOP ideas from last week’s health care summit that he’s amenable to including in the reform bill.

The ideas were all rather minor and some were very petty (they were, after all Republican ideas), but there they were, a sop and grist for the mill and something for the mythical bipartisan pony to neigh about.

And how’d it go? — like you needed to ask:

…no Republicans are likely to vote for the Democratic reforms, regardless of which GOP ideas are added to the legislation. The unsurprising GOP reaction to Obama’s letter can be summed up in three words: Scrap the bills.

Ah, the thee-ate-er — a performance piece. About as entertaining as Sarah Palin doing stand up.

*I’m sorry, I know many of you were too grossed out to continue reading beyond this point.

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