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Blanche Lincoln Attacks Bill Halter for Not Supporting Public Option Strongly Enough

Blanche Lincoln fires the opening shots of her primary battle with Bill Halter with a rather incoherent, rambling press release about his supposed wavering on the public option.

“Who does he think he’s fooling?” asked Lincoln’s campaign manager Steve Patterson.  “Bill is going to find he can’t have it both ways. Either he is with the majority of Arkansans and opposed to the public option, like Senator Lincoln, or he is with the national liberal establishment that is angry with her right now.

Actually, the polls show that the majority of Arkansans favors a public option — including, wait for it — 81% of Arkansas Democrats. So Patterson is just lying there.

But then the press release goes on to criticize Halter’s support for the Medicare buy-in, noting that it’s “Not exactly the robust public option his supporters from the blogosphere are calling for and using to raise campaigns funds.”

Huh? As Max Brantley smartly points out,

Lincoln seems to be critical of Halter on health for 1) being for a “public option,” which she opposes in any form, and 2) not being for a suitably robust public option, as some liberal supporters prefer.

Strong start there, Blanche.

Donate to Bill Halter’s campaign.

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