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Why Is This Man Smiling?

graphic: twolf

After all, James O’Keefe is facing felony charges for trying to tamper with a Senator’s phones, and his Blockbuster Video Exposé of supposed ACORN wrongdoing is falling apart all around him and his pimp promoter.  And yet, Mike Stark is “struck by O’Keefe strutting around CPAC accepting all sorts of accolades and plaudits while he has a criminal case pending.”

Mike, like most of us, is a decent, law-abiding sort of bloke who would be deeply ashamed to be party to something so fraudulent and mean-spirited as O’Keefe’s tawdry little sting.  Which is probably why he appears so amazed at its author playing the conquering hero at CPAC, felony rap and all.

But no matter how thoroughly O’Keefe’s videos are discredited, or even if he goes to prison for the rest of his life, he will forever be a hero to the right because he took down ACORN.  The right’s #1 boogeyman since 2008, and he took it down armed with nothing more than a video camera, the entire right-wing noise machine, and a very compliant corporate media establishment.  It doesn’t matter to the right that it was all a scam – it only matters that it worked.

This is the way of conservatives today – it doesn’t matter what kind of lies, fraud or dirty tricks they have to pull to win, how much pain they cause, or whether the entire country burns, just so long as they win.  They would rather see tens of millions of Americans out of work and uninsured than vote for economic stimulus or health care reform, because more fear and misery means more votes for Republicans.  They are perfectly happy to hack off America’s arms and legs to spite the Democrats’ faces.

And what of ACORN?  Sure, it’s swell that the Brooklyn prosecutors cleared them of all wrongdoing, but that’s like exonerating a condemned man a week after his execution.  As Mike puts it:

Lost in the outrage… is the fact that Breitbart and his ward O’Keefe, have accomplished a despicable goal: They’ve all-but destroyed an organization committed to helping those Americans most in need. Real people — thousands of children amongst them — will suffer hardship as a direct consequence of Breitbart’s and O’Keefe’s mendacious and malicious hoax, and singularly partisan political agenda.

Or, as the conservatives might put it, mission accomplished.

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