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Texas Democrats, Don’t Forget to Vote Today — for Hutchison

A couple weeks ago, I made the case that Texas Democrats should vote Hutchison in today’s Republican gubernatorial primary, and the latest Rasmussen poll offers more ammunition for that strategy.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely Republican Primary voters finds Perry leading Senate Kay Bailey Hutchison 48% to 27%, with Tea Party activist Debra Medina earning 16% of the vote. Nine percent (9%) of Texas GOP voters remain undecided.

Again, we want Perry to finish under 50% today, triggering an automatic runoff between him and (presumably) Hutchison. He will then be forced to spend millions of dollars fighting off Hutchison’s negative attacks, thereby softening him up nicely for the excellent Democratic candidate Bill White.

White, who is the strongest candidate the Texas Democratic party has fielded for governor in years, is in absolutely no danger of losing to the erm, idiosyncratic Farouk Shami, who’s polling in the low teens.

Find your polling place here.

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