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Management Consultant: Why I Support Employee Free Choice

There’s a fascinating diary over at FDL’s diary site, the Seminal, written by a self-professed anti-union consultant for management who’s worked for business for decades.  The writer says that despite his profession and his opposition to unions, he’s in favor of employee free choice in order to even out the imbalance of power.  A choice excerpt:

The union movement was, of course, born in response to unfair labor practices and poor working conditions. While many believe the problems which unions sought to correct have been largely addressed, one still remains: At any moment, a non-union company can unilaterally and drastically change the terms under which its workers are employed. There is absolutely nothing, at present, stopping a non-union company from immediately slashing employee pay and benefits.

By allowing workers to unionize immediately, EFCA would match, on workers’ behalf, the unilateral power now held exclusively by management. With that possibility looming, poorly managed firms – and take it from a management consultant, they are everywhere – would get a game-changing moment of clarity, an opportunity to truly partner with workers – or become unionized. […]

You might be wondering how can I support EFCA and be anti-union. The reason is simple: I will always prefer paying employees handsomely for their work over having a union come between a company’s owners and workers. I sincerely believe most owners and workers would prefer it, too.

Read the whole diary over at The Seminal.

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