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Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and related hearings

The hearings of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission last weekend got little attention in the press. Perhaps this was because no one famous was testifying– it was "just" a bunch of academics! After the hearings, HuffPo published what may be one of the best press articles, Lively Debate, Hard Truths Emerge During Debate On Financial Crisis:

Some of the country’s top financial scholars met over the weekend with the panel charged with investigating the causes of the financial crisis. What followed was the kind of open, honest debate that is so rare in Washington….

But rather than the kind of staid or theatrical hearing often seen in Congress, in which talking points are repeated and participants talk past each other, the academics and the commissioners engaged each other in a running debate in which theories about the origin of the financial crisis were questioned and defended.

The academics pointedly confronted one another, scoffing openly at various points. The commissioners, who include among their ranks powerful former House and Senate committee chairmen, were politely corrected on some points, and not-so-politely interrupted on others.

The article provides a useful abstract of the two-day hearing. Keep an eye on the FCIC website for the transcripts of the discussion. The presentations themselves have already been posted on that website.

The Roosevelt Institute did not provide any coverage or commentary on last week’s FCIC hearings, but they are providing a star-studded conference on the Financial crisis, starting early tomorrow (Wednesday):

Soros, Stiglitz, Warren, Johnson, Chanos, Turner, Greenberger, and other top financiers, economists and former regulators gather for conference on financial reform.

Read the report and watch the conference here.

This Wednesday, March 3rd from 8:00 am – 11:00 am ET, the Roosevelt Institute will host a meeting of some of the nation’s leading financiers, economists, and former regulators to release a report outlining critical actions needed to reform the nation’s financial system.

Report authors include: Elizabeth Warren, Simon Johnson, Rob Johnson, Frank Partnoy, Lynn Turner, Michael Greenberger, Mike Konczal, Josh Rosner, Richard Carnell, Raj Date, and Lawrence White.

Responding to the report are George Soros, Joseph Stiglitz, Jim Chanos, Bowman Cutter, Peter Solomon, Lynn Turner and Judge Stanley Sporkin.

Portions of the conference will be broadcast by Bloomberg TV and CNN.

Click here to learn more about the authors and view the report

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This should be a very interesting report.

Bob in AZ

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