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Early Morning Swim: Rachel Maddow Talks Primaries with Tim Kaine

It’s not about left, right and center, Mr. Chairman — it’s about accountability.

“Accountability is a good thing. People voted for change in ’08 and feel like they’re not getting the change they voted for,” said Steve Rosenthal, a veteran Democratic strategist and former top AFL-CIO official. “No doubt, some of these races are a reaction to the voters’ demand for change.


People really want [Lincoln] out. We really wanted a recruit,” said high-profile liberal blogger Jane Hamsher.

“This is Ned Lamont No. 2,” she said, referring to the progressive grass-roots-embraced candidate who defeated Sen. Joe Lieberman in a 2006 Democratic primary, only to lose to the incumbent in November when Lieberman ran on a different ballot line.

Anyone out there think it was a bad idea to mount a primary against Lieberman?

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