Blanche Lincoln, a conservative Democrat and no friend of the LGBT community, is being challenged by the more progressive Lieutenant Governor, Bill Halter.  Now the primary itself revolves around a wealth of issues, from health care to workers rights, and can generally be boiled down to Halter being a progressive populist and Lincoln being a corporate shill.  But there is a distinct difference between the two on our communities issues as well.

Back in 2008, voters, sadly, ratified a bigoted ballot initiative, Initiated Act 1, which restricted the rights of all unmarried people to adopt or become a foster parent.  This act hasn't just been an afront to the rights of gay people, but to grandparents and aunts and uncles who might have to become guardians of their relatives' children.  Now, again, this is Arkansas, so no Democrat wanted to go on record opposing this strongly…except one: Bill Halter.

At least twice, he stood up on the issue, on camera:

Now, it's going to be a long time before we can get a Democrat to come out on marriage equality in the South.  The day will come though, and backing a candidate like Halter will push it ever closer to realization.  And when that day comes, I can assure you as someone who knows both of these candidates that Halter will be quick to embrace that future.  Blanche Lincoln will run from it as fast as she can.

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