Poodle Makes the NY Post, but Facebook is Partypooper

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Facebook group “Can This Poodle In A Tin Foil Hat Get More Fans Than Glenn Beck?”  one of the many fan sites on Facebook that make the social networking site so popular. Today the NY Post takes notice of the many silly fan pages people have created for whatever reasons.

But just this week, both the poodle and another FB site, Can This Dung Beetle Get More Fans Than Glenn Beck have been hit with Terms of Service violations which make it impossible for the sites’ creators to publish updates. FB has also blocked publishing rights for the creator of Can This Goat Get More Fans Than Barack Obama

The poodle’s information page explains:

I’ve been “publish blocked” by FB, and they’ve not been forthcoming as to the reason why.

Dale, the poodle page guy, offers up the FB Terms of Service in place of the cute pup’s snapshot.

Dale’s attempts to get a hold of a human at Facebook have been impossible so far. All he’s gotten is letter above which doesn’t really clarify things.

How exactly is the poodle (or the dung beetle or goat for that matter) violating the TOS? The poodle isn’t impersonating anyone nor is a poodle in a tin foil hat any more or less generic crunching leaves or making robot noises. Or a pickle getting more fans than Nickleback.

Humans are social creatures. They like to exchange information. And have fun. That’s the point of Facebook. Granted, sometimes the FB fun gets a little out of hand and divorce ensues, but that’s a more one-on-one, not a Terms of Service violation! There’s a reason the site is nicknamed Sit on My Facebook and someone created the fan page  Watching Other People’s Lives Fall Apart via Status Updates and Newsfeeds

Okay, but, what’s the point of making it impossible for the fan pages’ creators to publish updates and information? FB is punishing them for doing exactly what FB is for–connecting people. The hundreds of thousands of fans can still post whatever they like on the punished pages, including links to articles and their latest info. Those posts just don’t show up in the newsfeed like page creators’ do. Thankfully. And anyway, most fan page creators only update once a day, so it’s not an overwhelm.

Because Heavens forfend I don’t notice that <nameless #1> had pancakes at 3am or <nameless 2> just…mmhmmm. Oh really?! Quick, let me share that on your wall!

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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