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California To Finally Get A Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Tuesday

The snow has been falling in the Sierras for months now, but Jerry Brown, who once said that would be the marker for when he would announce a gubernatorial run, has been silent. Apparently, the Sierras just got chillier and snowier:

Attorney General Jerry Brown will declare his Democratic candidacy for governor Tuesday online, ending months of speculation about his intentions in which Brown insisted he had not yet decided whether to run.

Brown has not planned any campaign events timed with the announcement but will grant media interviews Wednesday and Thursday. He’s scheduled to appear on KTTV Fox 11 at 8 a.m. Wednesday.

Brown served two terms as Governor from 1974-1982, and can seek a third because the term limits law for the state changed after he finished his tenure.

Brown has been criticized for spending months without announcing his candidacy, while billionaire Republican Meg Whitman ran positive biographical ads all over the state airwaves, raising her profile and her stature. She is within striking distance of Brown in recent polls, after he started out with a lead.

The online-only announcement, with no other public events scheduled, has struck a few California political observers as odd, but then, so has practically everything else Brown has done in his successful 30-plus year career. Whether Brown will understand the changes in California’s statewide political picture from the 1970s to today is a larger question. Joe Mathews had the definitive piece on this last year.

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David Dayen

David Dayen