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Blanche Lincoln Responds to Primary Challenge by Calling Liberals “Extremists”

Here’s Blanche Lincoln’s response to the great news that Lt. Gov. Bill Halter of Arkansas is going to challenge her in the primary.

I know that I am the target of both political extremes but that’s what makes this campaign so important to all of us. This Senate seat belongs to Arkansas, not to outside groups that are angry I don’t answer to them.

Just so we’re clear: Bill Halter is a fourth-generation Arkansan, who grew up in North Little Rock, played high school football for Little Rock Catholic, is a trustee emeritus of Stanford University, and served in the Clinton administration’s OMB before serving as the state’s Lieutenant Governor. There’s nothing even a little bit “outside” or “extreme” about him.

But smearing Democratic activists is just what Blanche does. It’s who she is.

As I pointed out in January, do we really need a Democratic Senator who uses the word “liberal” as a pejorative?

Donate to Halter’s campaign here.

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