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“Fiscally Conservative” Marco Rubio Double-Billed Taxpayers for Personal Expenses, Spends $133 on Haircuts

Would you pay $133 for this haircut?

“First Senator from the Tea Party” Marco Rubio got hammered last week when it came out that he ran up large personal expenses on the Florida GOP’s credit card — and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio admitted Friday that he double-billed state taxpayers and the Republican Party of Florida for eight plane tickets when he was speaker of the Florida House. Calling the billing “a mistake,” Rubio said in a written statement that he will personally repay the party about $3,000 to cover the flights because the trips in 2007 were for state business, not politics.

And Rubio still isn’t coming clean.

His campaign said Friday it had not identified any additional expenses that need to be repaid. The credit card records, however, indicate that at least some of Rubio’s personal expenses were covered by the party. […] Rubio’s campaign would not provide a list of all the personal expenses he repaid.

And here’s why. One tidbit that has emerged is that Rubio spends an embarassing amount of money on his hair.

Needless to say, Charlie Crist is having a lot of fun with that.

What’s up with getting a $133 haircut? What is he a model? I don’t understand this kind of behavior and this is the guy that says he is going to spend less money? I spend $11 on a haircut,” said Crist.

George Will praised Rubio for his “spending restraint.” Guess that didn’t apply to his hair care.

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