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I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days. ~Bill Dana

How does your tiger react when you call his/her name? Just the name. Maste doesn’t react at all when I say "Maste." He understands ‘no" and will come running if I put my hand out but say "Maste" and it’s like he’s deaf. All the others will at least turn and give me a look, most of the time. Most will even come to me just by saying their name. Kismet doesn’t seem to care what I call her. If I say, "Kismet" she meows, if I say "Shitferbrains" she meows.


The boss’s daughter gave me a Chia Cat for Christmas. It’s been sitting on the dining table, still in the box, while I decided just what the hell I was gonna do with it. For it to get any sun I’d have to put in one of the windows. That would last about 20 minutes max. I don’t think it would last much longer if I put it outside. Strays would have it emptied and spread around in no time. Well, Igraine took care of that this morning. Pushed it off the dining table and left me with more broken pottery. I heard the crash and there was Igraine, sitting on the table with that look on her face, "What? That thing was in my spot," ‘her spot’ apparently being almost in the middle of the table. Oh, bubble wrap apparently ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Da pohleece were just at the door. Lady 2 doors down had a bike stolen about an hour ago. Bike thief must have come from that direction cuz my sliding glass door/wall faces the alley and I haven’t seen anybody in the alley.

I love bein’ wrong sometimes. The label on the bottle of Nu-Cat tabs says they’re chewable. Since Kismet was already getting 2 meds in her food I just added the Nu-Cat tab. Plus I’m thinkin’, a chewable tab for a cat? Right. Since she gets 4 tabs a day I have to pill her before I go to bed for the 4th tab. I’d noticed that she wasn’t struggling at all and then she’s licking the fingers that held the tab. Sooooo, I hold out a half and she gobbles it right up. Second half, same deal. And still licks my fingers. Now we do that 4 times a day. Purrs the whole time. I’ve created a monster.

I’ve heard a mockingbird in a tree at the end of my driveway all week. Hope s/he brings a mate and some friends. Mockers luvs ’em some kittehs. Speaking of kittehs, there are 3 or 4 in the wood fenced lot at the end of the alley. Looks like someone else is feeding them too. A whole array of dishes and bowls of water. I’m goin’ somewhere and I see one at one of the water bowls. He sees me and scoots through the fence next to the alley into the lot. Just as I passed the hole in the fence I see him come from under my truck into the yard opposite. I’m givin’ him/her an earful and I begin to think, is that how Maste got his tail pinched? Almost clear of the rear wheel as it snags the tip of the tail? Sure am glad I crawl down the alley.

Share your tiger stories with us.

If there is one spot of sun spilling onto the floor, a cat will find it and soak it up. ~J.A. McIntosh

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