Massive 8.8 Earthquake Hits Chile

A magnitude 8.8 earthquake hit Chile, 70 miles outside the country’s second largest city Concepcion at 1:34am localtime (10:34 Pacific Standard Time). A tsunami has been generated and tsumani warnings have been issued to as far north as Alaska.

UPDATE 8:30am PST: Easter Island had a tsunami warning, but so far no damage. The tsumani warning  evacuations have been issued for Hawaii, which means evaculations from low lying areas, with reidents urged to directions from Hawaiian Civil Defense. The west coast of North America under a tsunami advisory, from Mexico to Alaska.

Chile’s outgoing President Michelle Bachelet said:

The country has just experienced an enormous earthquake… we are in the process of finding out about the effects of the quake across the region, the state of the roads and hospitals, the damage to buildings and of course the number of those killed and injured.

American Idol season 5 finalist Elliot Yamin who is in Chile on tour  has been tweeting reports as have been many other Chileans. At the time of this writing 47 deaths have been reported. Power is out in Santiago and in cities in neighboring Argentina. Dawn is breaking now as rescue crews began the work and aftershocks are hitting.

MSNBC, CNN and Fox  are carrying live reports.

Earlier Friday a 4.1 earthquake struck off the coast of Okinawa, Japan in the Ryukyu Islands around 5:31 a.m. Saturday local time (12:31 p.m. Friday PST). Additionally:

Microquakes have been shaking the Coso Junction area of Eastern Central California all week, but it wasn’t until tonight (Friday) when more noticeable ones struck. A light 4.1 earthquake struck at 10:22 p.m., followed by two minor shakers–a 3.8 at 11:10 p.m. and a 3.4 at 11:21 p.m, PST.

Time to go load up on water and more canned food!

Update: Ruth at The Seminal has a diary up about the Chile she knew

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