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We’ve been watching as the right steals our thunder with its’s faux astro turfed movement, the so called, "Tea Bag movement" of the last year, now it’s OUR turn! Join the newly forming Progressive activist group "THE COFFEE CUP COALITION." Our motto is "Wake Up & Smell the Coffee!" Were mad as hell and were not going to take anymore shit from either of the Corporatist Parties / Pirates running America into the ground today! Were about everything Progressives care about! We want it all and were tired of begging corrupt pols to give it to us! We want all Progressives to come together to support candidates that support our principles and not their Corp. pals and donors. Vote for nobody on the Corp. payroll is our battle cry. Support no party that doesn’t support us!

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People here are endlessly talking about the need for a rebellion from below, a surge from “the grassroots,” as it’s called. We all watched in horror last summer as the Reich wing leaped into action with it’s brilliantly staged and choreographed faux rebellion aimed at the Health Care reform meetings being called together all over the nation @ that time by Congress while on recess. This so called “Tea bag Movement” was as we are all now aware a largely faux or as it’s now been called “astro turfed” ( as opposed to grassroots) protest movement. It was funded largely by CORPORATIST sponsors, like Dick Armey’s “Freedom works” group and others from the so called “Conservative movements” endless Corp. front groups specifically funded and organized to co-op or even create as in this instance phony protests aimed at defusing or channeling public anger. With the help of it’s own media FOX news and Talk radio plus the willing stenography of the MSM this phony group dominated these meeting with their ranting and raving and their guns and flag waving histrionics. The tens of thousands of other citizens who were also attending these meetings, who were not carrying on and acting out were ignored, because as we all know, the MSM loves a fight and the Tea Party folks were more then willing to give them one. These people’s antics were then used as an excuse to derail the ongoing debates in Congress and to further delay and dilute any real Health Care reforms then being considered like the raging debate over the so called Public Option. Unfortunately, we Progressives were admittedly caught off guard as this developed and we didn’t really respond. What has developed since has been a political disaster for us, 3 lost elections in Va, NJ and Mass. The loss of Edward Kennedy’s Senate seat was the caper as the Tea Party rebellion has gained its footing everywhere, to the benefit ironically of the defeated and diminished GOPer party. There is no small irony here of course since we are all aware that most of the RAGE and disgust out here is the result of the lost decade brought to us by the Gopers who are nothing more or less then the living breathing front men an women for the BIG CORPS. and the plutocrats ( the top 1%) that own 90% of everything in America anymore. Nevertheless, people are also angry and frustrated at this juncture with the actions and inactions of the new Obama administration. Elected in fall 2008 on what many believed a Progressive platform of HOPE and CHANGE, it has almost totally abandoned any idea of REAL Change and has instead delivered a largely neo-liberal Corporatist regime that believes in almost the same things as the very elements we all have been fighting for decades. ENOUGH! THIS IS TOTAL BS! Were being played for suckers and guess what folks, so far we fit the bill! It’s past time, way past time for us to take back this country from these THUGS! The Goper party is NOT a real party at all it’s merely the political arm of the plutocracy that now rules America or what’s left of it. The Dems. are acting out as the Corporatist B-team here, also dominated by a slightly more socially liberal coalition of Corporatist individuals ( Plutocrats) and groups as well. In the Dems case though they have to convince a largely Progressive oriented base to vote for them and that’s were we have our possible wedge in this ongoing 12 dimensional game of political power chess. In furtherance of what has increasingly become the consensus view at this Progressive site and many others we would like to announce the formation of a newly forming Grassroots Coalition of street based groups to counter the PHONY so called Tea bag movement. This new group is to be called “THE COFFEE CUP COALITION.”


We are an affiliation of different Progressive groups that already exist and newly forming COFFEE CUP groups to counter in public non-violent combat the so called Tea bag movement. Our goals are generally that of the Progressive movement in general. Our main thrust though is to direct the rage and frustration of the grassroots out here at the appropriate targets THE CORPORATIST elite and it’s Plutocratic bosses. A secondary goal is to put on notice the leadership of the Dem. party that we will direct our forces against it’s candidates where they are seen to be nothing more then agents of the Corporatist powers. We are declaring we will no longer tolerate the policies and power plays of these elites. Another primary goal is to END the so called perpetual War on terror and to bring home our troops IMMEDIATELY and to eventually slash our Defense budget in half this $$ to be reallocated for a Nat’l Single payer Health care system for all Americans among other Progressive goals within American society. As a Progressive Coalition we want America to return to a Progressive agenda. To that end, let the SUPER Wealthy who now own 90% of everything be taxed in relation to their incomes and holdings. Those that have the most should in our view shoulder the most (of the tax burden.) We deplore the failed right wing and neo-liberal policies ( trickle down ) of the past 30 + yrs. and want a LEASH put back on the rabid dog of Int’l Monopoly Capitalism that has destroyed our once thriving economy and is rapidly devouring both the middle class and working classes in America today.
CREATE a COFFEE CUP GROUP TODAY !! Our Motto is WAKE UP & SMELL THE COFFEE! It’s time WE take back this country nobody else is going to do it!

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