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Election Heads Up: Friday Edition

Today we’re covering the state of Indiana and asking “Hoosier Progressive?”

Well, it’s looking less and less like it will be Tamyra d’Ippolito the only thing close to a possible progressive candidate I can find anywhere in Indiana.

The Democratic Party sure didn’t do much to get her on the ticket, hoping that she wouldn’t get the required signatures.

Her campaign manager has contacted all of the heads of the county Democratic parties asking them if they would help her get on the ballot.

But she’s not getting the sense that they want to be helpful in that effort. “Politics in Indiana is the old boy’s school. They’re getting ready to put one of their own in,” D’Ippolito, a cafe owner in Bloomington who gained experience in politics running a primary campaign for Gretchen Clearwater in 2006. “My gut feeling tells me they’re meeting in a room, I don’t know if they’re smoking cigars,” D’Ippolito said, basically working under the assumption that Bayh’s announcement was timed so the state party could pick the nominee by themselves. “The timing of this is amazing.”

And as it turned out, she was right.

An official in Marion Co. (IN) tells Hotline OnCall d’Ippolito turned in just 3 signatures in the 7th CD, the district with the highest percentage of Dem voters…So what’s that mean? If, in fact, these numbers are accurate, D’Ippolito is toast, and the Democratic state central committee will select the nominee.

So there you have it. D’Ippolito was right. The Dem “good ole boys” made sure we couldn’t field a progressive candidate in Indiana.

So who will be running for Evan Bayh’s seat? The Blue Dog Dem Brad Ellsworth who currently holds the seat in the 8th CD. That’s why it was so important that they keep D’Ippolito off the ballot. Had she been the only Dem candidate, she could have easily pulled in a huge number of Dem voters, disillusioned and ready to listen to what a progressive has to say. But now we’re stuck with the same ole same ole that has gotten America into this mess: The Devil’s Choice of voting for a Conservadem or a Republican.

Wish I had better news today about Indiana. Let’s get this started:

Heads Up for:

Andre Carson of the 7th district, a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Indiana State

Filing Deadline (Major Parties): February 19, 2010
Filing Deadline (Third Parties): June 30, 2010
Primary: May 4, 2010

You need to gather 500 signatures per district to get on the ballot.


Republican Dick Lugar will be running for reelection in 2012.

Evan Bayh has stepped down, and as I just noted, the Democratic Party made sure that they got their Blue Dog on the ballot instead of a possibly progressive candidate.

It goes without saying that we need to field two progressive candidates to challenge for those seats.

1st CD:

This is the seat held by Democrat Pete Visclosky since 1984. This guy was just named one of the 15 most corrupt members of Congress by CREW for his involvement with the now defunct PMA Group.

Can you spell S.p.e.c.I.a.l. I.n.t.e.r.e.s.t.s. children?

This district has been a Democratic stronghold since 1931. There is NO reason why a conservadem like this guy should be holding onto that seat.

We have GOT to put a progressive challenger up in this district come hell or high water folks.

He’s only being challenged by Republicans. Big surprise there.

2nd CD:

This seat has belonged to Democrat Joe Donnelly since 2006. This guy got recognized as “Blue Dog of the Week” in March, 2007 and is a pro-lifer.

So folks, Indiana is really deeply held by the right with Conservadems making sure no REAL Dem candidate comes forward.

We need to change that. We need a primary challenger for Joe Donnelly in 2012.

History: This district had been a Democratic seat from 1975 to 1995 when it became a Republican seat after the Democratic debacle over health care reform.

3rd CD:

This is a swing district currently held by Republican Mark Souder. He’s being challenged by Democrat Tom Hayhurst. Tom doesn’t seem like a bad sort. He’s a doctor. But you can’t get any sort of feel that he is or isn’t a progressive. Guess we’ll find out if he wins.

History: This district swings back and forth between Republican and Democrat. Hayhurst gave Souder a run for his money in 2006 and may do so again.

4th CD:

Republican Steve Buyer is stepping down. As near as I can tell, neither party has put forward a candidate for his seat.

One thing’s for sure: The progressives haven’t put a candidate forward in time and the “good ole boys” in the Indiana Democratic Party will be picking a Conservadem soon.

History: This used to be Dan Quayle’s seat and it’s been a fairly consistent Republican seat though Jill Long managed to hold it for 6 years until the Democratic Healthcare Debacle of 1994 ended her run. It’s not gone back to blue since.

5th CD:

Republican Dan Burton’s held this seat since 1993. Nasser Hanna, another doctor, is the Democratic challenger in this race. This guy is less than exciting:

The vast majority of the annual federal budget is comprised of 5 areas of spending: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Defense, and interest on the debt.

He then goes on to harangue Medicare with nary a word about our defense budget, which outstrips in spending every other nation on the earth combined.

No. This guy doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies. We need a primary challenger in this district.

History: This district was consistently Republican until Jim Jontz took it away from them in 1987. But of course, the Democratic Healthcare Debacle cost him his seat in 1994. Starting to sound like a familiar refrain doesn’t it?

Republican controlled Congress is what we get when we let disillusionment over Conservadems happen. So lets not let that happen again, shall we? Let’s get REAL Democrats in office. Progressive Democrats.

6th CD:

A Republican running against a Libertarian in a heavily Republican district that went 64% Bush in 2004. Yeehaw! They get what they ask for.

7th CD:

Democrat Andre Carson has held this seat since 2008. He’s a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the New Democrats Caucus.

He supports solar energy, is against off shore drilling.

He signed The Pledge.

He thinks the Iraq war derailed the war on Al Queda. Sounds like this guy could get my vote.

8th CD:

Democrat Brad Ellsworth has held this seat since 2007. Now he’s vacating this seat to run for Evan Bayh’s Senate seat. Things are so fluid in Indiana right now that I’m not sure who the Dem candidate will be. Rest assured that it will be another Conservadem Blue Dog, however.

So yeah, we need a progressive candidate willing to step forward and challenge for this seat in 2012.

History: This district has traditionally been hard fought and swings back and forth constantly.

9th CD:

This seat his currently held by Democrat Baron Hill, who’s been winning – and losing – this seat for the past dozen years. Another Blue Dog. Besides the usual suspects of Republican challengers, he’s being challenged by Ron Kimsey, an Independent “Factory worker and Tea Party Activist”.

Not one progressive running against him though.

Isn’t it time Indiana started challenging all these Blue Dogs with progressive alternatives? I think the Hoosier Nation deserves better.

Well, that’s it for today. Remember, if you want change, it has to start with you.

Please volunteer to help out with the Election Heads Up by posting about your own home state.

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