Here’s the simple question for the White House, “Why are you still refusing to even consider single payer?!”

And here’s a simple message for the public: “Any health care ‘reform’ bill that does not provide a Single Payer option is NO real reform at all.”

You’ll find both in a new fax petition you can add your name to if you’re so inclined. The organizers need 100,000 signatures to submit their petition to the White House. You can get more information at our website.

There were some who “hoped” that when the White House came out with their own health care proposal there would be a real robust public option. Instead, what emerged — as far as we can see — is little more than the SAME Senate bill that everyone hated so much…

As best as we can determine, all the gruesome stuff  is still in there, in particular the forced mandate to buy corporate health insurance from some new “exchange”, with no meaningful option.

The White House site has this response to that question of whether you will be forced to buy a “government” plan:

“You will be able to shop among private insurance plans that will be sold in the insurance exchange — a marketplace where you can choose what is right for you.”

And if that isn’t nauseous enough, there’s a slick new corporate marketing slogan, “Putting Americans in Control of their Health Care.”

Well, as anyone knows who’s been watching, we the people are most definitely  not in control of health care costs… And super-duper not in control of those premiums that keep soaring up.

The bad news is the Obama plan doesn’t look as if it will solve that. The good news is, a whole lot of people are mobilized now.  Let’s hope they don’t shut up until they get some control back.

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Laura Flanders

Laura Flanders

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