J.D.Hayworth Accuses McCain of “Instant Revisionist History”

J.D. Hayworth may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s articulate and quick on television, something that simply can’t be said about John McCain anymore. Hayworth is a master of the quick jab sound bite, honed during his radio talk show experience. Just watch this four-minute appearance with Monica Novotny on MSNBC and count the number of sound bites and quick jabs he gets into his talking points:

1. Washington political establishment
2. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio
3. law enforcement: “cops on the beat and on the street”
4. Second Amendment
5. gun owners
6. Arizona voters will decide
7. date of primary: August 24th
8. “this ain’t John’s first rodeo”
9. over a quarter century of experience [McCain is old]
10. instant revisionist history
11. John Kerry
12. “I used to work with”
13. frantic nature of the McCain campaign
14. blaming everybody else for his bailout vote
15. largest expenditure on earmarks in history
16. John’s ill-fated amnesty plan
17. Heritage Foundation (in case Arizone voters had any doubt where Hayworth’s info and worldview come from)
18. 2.3 trillion dollars
19. for illegals granted citizenship
20. John doesn’t want a Medicare prescription drug benefit for lawful seniors
21. but he wants retirement benefits for illegals granted amnesty
22. “the real John McCain record”
23. revise and walk away from his record
24. website:

I haven’t seen a politician that smoothly integrate his campaign themes and dogwhistles into a television interview in, um, ever. This guy is going to give Old “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” GlueHorse a run for his Clydesdale money, you just watch.

In November, Rasmussen had the two virtually tied 45-43 in the primary vote. A month ago, McCain led 53-31.

Now that Hayworth has officially announced his candidacy and the revisionist history theme is entering political consciousness, alongside McCain endorsements by Sarah Palin, Scott Brown, Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney — this is shaping up as a classic insider-outsider GOP primary, with Ace McCain as the insider for a change. How will this primary race play out?

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge