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Dick Morris: Americans Don’t Trust Politicians on Health Care Reform, Except Politicians Who are Republican Doctors

Dick Morris has an unusual talent for contradicting himself over the course of several columns. But today, he’s taken that gift to a whole new level.

One out of 10 Republican congressman is a doctor and two GOP senators — Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and John Barraso of Wyoming — also practiced medicine before joining Congress. The Republican Party should send its doctors to the White House for the health care summit Barack Obama is staging right before he tries to ram through his Obamacare legislation.

Great idea! Except…

Poll [sic] show that the public respects doctors when it comes to health care far more than it does politicians or health economists.

My head hurts.

I guess Morris thinks that if Tom Coburn (R-OK), Paul Broun (R-GA) and Ron Paul (R-TX) all show up in scrubs and stethoscopes to the health care summit, people will suddenly forget they’re elected politicans.

Anyway, if the theory is that people trust doctors, not politicians, when it comes to health care — what about this?

The American Medical Association — the group that polls show is most trusted by the public to recommend the right changes to the health care system — on Wednesday issued a public letter to Congress and President Obama broadly endorsing his proposed overhaul on the morning before he makes his biggest push for the plan in a televised speech.

I guess people don’t trust the AMA because it’s kind of like a union or something.

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