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Beauty queens’ political thoughts (why do you guys bother?)

It probably isn’t necessary to comment on the foolish statements made by brain-dead beauty queens or for that matter all of the rest of the celebritocracy.

When these (generally very wealthy, indulged, comfortable) people speak out, unless they are discussing how their makeup artists and hair dressers prepare them to be in front of the cameras, they probably have no idea what they are talking about.

I am referring to the ongoing attention paid to people who are selected into mass media on the basis of breast size and shape or pectoral muscle dimensions (along with, often, family wealth) and who wander into the online world and discover that people with media access are willing to viralize anything they say or do.

Hollywood celebrities (and this is not just Portman or Clooney, but also the entire universe of Los Angeles-based cyborg smiles) are by definition vapid. Please ignore their pronouncements in front of paparrazi or "entertainment journalists" and discontinue addressing their "commentary" in places where thinking people go for food.


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