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“Kill LGBT” Reggae Dancehall Performer Capleton still scheduled in Miami 02/27/10

Thanks to GLAAD and activists in Humboldt County and all over California, Capleton's February 2010 appearances in California, in Arcata, San Luis Obispo, San Diego, Oakland, and Long Beach were canceled. Also an appearance in Crystal Bay, Nevada.

Capleton is still scheduled to appear at the “Bob Marley Day Caribbean Festival” 02/27/10 in Miami. Part of this festival involves a food drive and their promotional material claims some of the food collected could go to people with HIV/AIDS 

You can find out about Capleton and his homophobic songs in the “Dancehall Dossier”      

Capleton signed the Reggae Compassionate Act form in 2007. He agreed, by signing this form, not to promote hatred and violence. You can see Capleton's signed RCA form at 
Before the end of 2007 he violated his Reggae Compassionate Act agreement. As a consequence he had performances canceled in Basel, Switzerland and in France in 2008.
This PDF file has information about Capleton's violation of his RCA agreement and points to a YouTube video where you can actually hear him break his RCA agreement
You have to listen very carefully for lines like: “Battyman fi dead di yuth em right bout that” (“Faggots must die. The youth are right about that.”)
Capleton is a performer who has promoted hatred, violence and murder.
Mainly because of religion (“[Jamaica] is a Bible society”), Jamaica is an extremely homophobic country, as are some other former British colonies. Sex between consenting male adults is illegal in Jamaica, with an up to 10 year prison term for conviction. This article will open your eyes: “How AIDS Became a Caribbean Crisis”



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