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Chris Matthews now a back channel for Rahm Emanuel?

See what I did there? I used a tabloid question mark. And you clicked. How awesome am I?

Anyhoo, after today’s chess move I’d keep an eye on Hardball. Why? Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Chris Matthews has just signed with WME.

For those not in the know WME is a talent agency. Formerly 2 agencies. William Morris and Endeavor.

WME is run by a fellow named Ari Emanuel.

Ari is Rahm’s brother.

It’s a smart move for a news man to try and get closer to the source. But Matthews runs the risk now of being played like a marionette.

You know how it goes. Chris and Ari are having lunch and Rahm happens to be in the same restaurant and wants to say hi to his brother. What are the odds?

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