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Jane Hamsher 2012 Progressive Candidate

Well, it painfully obvious by now why senators don’t typically make good presidents (JFK excepted).

Even the Progressive candidates like Feingold and Sanders and Kucinich couldn’t get elected on a national level.

Which leaves us with a quandary about who to support for a national candidate. Who has Progressive cred?

Certainly not Obama. Outside of his Chicago district, he’s never had to run for re-election. And now as the nation has found out, his cred is suspect in governance as well as his Democratic principles. He’s the "not ready for prime time player" president.

Howard Dean? My problem with Dean is he’s a Democrat, and these days that makes him suspect. He’s better than most out there, and I would be willing to listen to his positions, but today, the Democrats have stained their brand with Obama. They lack cred.

In the next couple of years, Progressives need to find and support (financial and otherwise) a host of candidates that provide the strongest primary challenger to Obama and the rest of the corporate Dems.

Jane, you need to seriously consider a 2012 run.

In the spirit of Fighting Bob LaFollette, it’s time to start kicking ass and taking names.

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