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(Must read, Stupak and Nelson are aligned with this story, they serve on the federal advisory board of Democrats for Life)

The story of how a new wave of anti-choice ‘democrats’ are turning the party against women rights and health:

The Leader:

Carol Crossed –

•Founder New York Chapter of Feminist Choosing Life of New York
(Formerly Feminists for Life of New York)
•Advisory Board Member Susan B Anthony’s List
•Current Vice President, Democrats for Life of America
•Founding Member, Democrats for Life of America
•Board of Directors, Democrats for Life (Former)
•Founder Consistent Life
•Pro-Life Democrats Hall of Fame Award Winner (2002)


Democrats for Life of America is an anti-choice organization founded by Carol Crossed who serves as the organization’s current vice president. Democrats for Life of America’s current campaigns have included pushing for the inclusion of the legislation crafted by their Federal Advisory Board Members, Bart Stupak and Ben Nelson in the current health care reform legislation before Congress. This legislation would place restrictions on the ability of women to obtain coverage of abortion services through private insurance plans. They were successful in including the Stupak language in the House version of the health insurance reform bill. Democrats of Life of America has been actively involved in advocating for the H. R. 6145 Pregnant Women Support Act, also known as 95-10 due to supporter’s claims that the bill will reduce the incidence of abortion by ninety five percent in ten years . Contrary to these claims, the bill provides NO public health initiatives to prevent pregnancy through comprehenisve sex education and does not provide funding for increased access to birth control and reproductive health care services. The bill does contain grants for collection of abortion surveillance data, requirements to counsel women about fetal age and characteristics, and grants for ultra-sound equipment to provide images of fetal stage to women seeking abortion services. This bill has passed both chambers of Congress and it is awaiting the signature of President Obama to become law. Democrats for Life prominently featured home page solicitation for attendance at the annual 2010 March for Life in Washington DC to protest the anniversary of the passage of Roe V Wade.

Battle to Redefine Feminism:

Carol Crossed is owner of the newly opened Susan B Anthony Birthplace Museum that is led by a board filled to the brim with strong affliates of Feminists Choosing Life and Feminists for Life of America. The Susan B Anthony Birthplace Museum is the crown jewel in the Feminists Choosing Life of New York ten year campaign to co-opt the legacy of Susan B Anthony & other important historical feminist leaders for their organization’s anti-choice agenda and redefine the very definition of feminism as anti-choice. Feminists Choosing Life of New York is a registered non-profit subsidiary of the Susan B Anthony Birthplace Museum according to the Feminists Choosing Life of * New York’s Fall 2007 Newsletter ‘The Pro-Life Feminist’. Feminists Choosing Life of New York retains control of the selection of SBABM Board members and of the development and direction of the museum itself. Feminist Choosing Life of New York stated their intent to “utilize the property for the advancement of the pro-women/pro-life philosophy” in the *2006 edition of the ‘Pro-Life Feminist’. For the record, there is absolutely NO evidence to support their claims that Anthony was anti-choice. You can read more about that issue here: /


According to the leaders of feminist and pro-choice organizations across the country, the current anti-choice movement along with Democrats for life has been highly successful in advancing their agenda within the democratic party and weakening protection for womens reproductive rights and health safety. The party leadership has been consistently dialing back their language surrounding abortion rights to soften their stance for the anti-choice. Anti-choice candidates are welcomed into the party of the ‘big tent’ with open arms, indeed as a strategy for advancing democratic wins in ‘red’ states. As a direct result, womens access to safe, affordable, and accessible abortions is severely threatened. The democrats willingness to utilize women’s health and safety as bargining chips for their political campaigns can no longer be allowed to stand. Therefore, the owners of the are preparing a national campaign to hold the democratic party and its politicians responsible for representing their own party platform of protecting a womens right to choose which will be part of a larger campaign to hold the democratic party accountable for representation of the people on all its platform issues.

If you are interested in becoming involved – you can sign up on… to get on the email list for action alerts. (Note, you do not NEED to give a phone number, just write in refrain if you don’t want to share that information. A seperate website from the Anthony museum owners is under development for this specific campaign and if you sign up at the museum site, you will be automatically included on this email list as well. This campaign is being conducted in coordination with academic and progressive political organizations that will be fighting to regain democratic representation on issues such as health care, war, workers rights and more. This is the grassroots campaign you have been waiting for….

In addition, PLEASE sign up and invite ALL your friends to the facebook group I bet we can find a million people who SUPPORT a woman’s RIGHT to CHOOSE! This facebook group will be KEY in reaching a large and like-minded audience to recruit people for the on-the-ground fight. The campaign will outreach heavily through this and many other social networking groups, so let’s work together to get as MANY people on board as possible. The goal is a million people. It was started a little over a week ago, and it already has over 1,500 members. Here’s the link to join:

I bet we can find a million people who SUPPORT a woman’s RIGHT to CHOOSE!

Also, if you could recommend this post and email this information to friends, it would be a GIANT help as we work to get this campaign off the groud.

And, again, you can sign up for action alerts and information about the larger campaign here:…

Thank you all!