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NYT Gives Evan Bayh Room to Whine

Not content with his cable gasbag farewell tour, Evan Bayh parked his entitled, whining ass in the NYTimes’ Op-Ed page on Sunday to bemoan the Senate he’s leaving. You would never know from his criticism of the place that he has been there for twelve years, making it only the worse for his presence.

Evan! You’ve been in the Senate for twelve long years, during which you claim the institution has been in continual decline. Just because people won’t invite you to their homes for dinner doesn’t mean you couldn’t have made some effort to make the place work.

What did you ever do to try to make it work?

You are an utter failure. You should return your salary. I mean, what legislation has your name on it? What have you accomplished except whining?

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge