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See Liz and Dick Cheney Lie . Or the “fruit does not fall far from the tree.”

I watched and listened to Liz and Dick Cheney teabagging last night on C-Span. These people have no shame. Zero. Why the American public (Republicans, Democrats, Independents) would ever believe what they are saying is beyond me. Their whole strategy is "flipping the script." Attempting to brush the illegal and immoral wars, torture, outing of Plame, tax cuts, undermining of the DOJ, and all of the consequences of those destructive decisions onto the Obama administration. Why would any American buy their lies and complete avoidance of acknowlegding any responsibility for the disatrous policies of those eight years.

Dick Cheney had how many deferments during Vietnam? This man outed a woman who had put her own life on the line for her country. Her own life. This man sent young men and women off to a war based on a pack of lies. This man was part of the Bush team that shredded the Constitution and International agreements on the conduct of war.

The unnecessary death and deestruction that took place under this man’s rule is criminal. And these so called pro life pro Americans (the teabaggers) are listening to, honoring, a man and his daughter who are about as un American as they come. (how many deferments did Cheney have?) Do they have anyone from their family who is or has served in the military?

Now saying that the fruit does not fall far from the tree is an understatement when it comes to Liz Cheney. She stood up at that teabagging podium and lied through her teeth. Saying that the Obama administration was "negligent" and "irresponsible" when it came to the under wear bomber. She said that the Obama administration was not protecting Americans. What nerve, what chutzpah, what denial! She is attempting to put the American right back to sleep. I have come to believe that this is the way right wing radical Republicans are trained. Make the mess, never accept responsibility for any of the mess. And either attempt to sweep the piles of dead and tortured bodies along with a shredded constitution under the rug or blame it on the next guy. Is this the training they get at home? Sure sounds and looks like it.

She wants Americans to forget that one of the most serious terrorist attacks took place under Bush and Dick Cheney’s watch. That they ignored the many warnings from counter terrorism expert Richard Clarke. That Cheney pushed hard for the invasion of Iraq and endlessly lied about pre war intelligence.

The Cheney family seriously has no shame, no conscience and absolutely no morals. They are a seriously attempting to undermine a sitting President who was elected in a clear and fair election win. Does anyone know if in our history there has ever been a case where a former Vice President (who is so guilty of so many crimes) come out worked so hard to undermine a sitting President?

Dick Cheney is drowning in the blood of the Iraqi people and American soldiers that he sent to their deaths unnecessarily. He should do the rest of his life in Walter Reed cleaning the bed pans of those who are injured for life due to the Bush administrations unnecessary and immoral war.

To those with Psychology degrees. Can psychopathic tendenicies be passed down genetically or enviromentally (growing up with a psychopath) to family members?

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