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Princess Barbie Talibania Complains of Academic Bias in Speaker Selection

Howdy, Blenders!  Busy busy busy and haven’t posted in a while and I miss you all!  I’ve been called from a higher power to return for a quick post, called by that guanoloco siren song from my favorite Virginal Warrior For Christ, Princess Barbie Talibania.

Barbie’s upset this time because my alma mater, Boise State University* is booking those icky liberals to speak at the university and not enough dreamy conservatives.

Students at Boise State University are deeply troubled that the University only brings in pro-choice, left- wing speakers. Students, including my friends Brandon Stoker and Jason Sawmiller, challenged the BSU administration at a demonstration today.

Public Universities should be about diversity, dialogue and the exchange of different ideas. BSU has an obligation to bring in speakers that represent many ideas not just one. Let us hope that BSU officials listen to the students and immediately make plans to bring in a pro-life speaker that upholds mainstream values. The administration must also implement a policy that divides university money equally to pay for conservative, liberal and moderate speakers.

I will be bringing in a national advisor and speaker from Washington DC to address the students on these issues at the end of February. We have also been in contact with the American Center for Law and Justice.

So, of course, I had to send my secret sweetheart a lil note:

Brandi, have you considered:

• Idaho supported Sen. McCain over President Obama 61% – 36% and took 41 of 44 counties;

• Idaho has voted Republican in every presidential election in your lifetime and my lifetime (going back to Tricky Dick Nixon);

• Idaho has two Republican Senators and has all of your lifetime (and only one Democrat – Frank Church – in my lifetime)

• Idaho’s House has a 51-19 GOP majority and the Senate has a 28-7 GOP majority

It seems to me the conservative message has been delivered to Idahoans already and Boise State is acting as a small progressive oasis in a very conservative-dominated political landscape.  Your efforts to force the institution to bring more conservative speakers seems a bit like recruiting more preachers to speak to the choir.

However, it does amuse me on two levels.  I love it when conservatives complain about academia being so darn liberal.  Funny what an education and meeting people from diverse backgrounds will do to one’s worldview.  And two, how conservatives can scream bloody murder if anyone even hints at bringing back the Fairness Doctrine on network TV and especially AM talk radio that reach hundreds of millions, but demand the same sort of doctrine when colleges call for speakers who’ll reach a couple hundred on a good day.

Your biggest liberal fan,

“Radical” Russ Belville

*2010 College Football National Champions (Separate But Equal Division)

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