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Hatch Lash Fever

Sen. Orrin Hatch (Scold-UT) (photo: musicFIRSTcoalition)

Oh, this just amuses me no end. Orrin Hatch is turning into the Lanny Davis of the GOP:

Sen. Orrin Hatch has a message for the Tea Party movement: Work with the GOP or see conservatives lose more ground.

“If we fractionalize the Republican Party, we are going to see more liberals elected,” Hatch warned a crowd of 300 at a town meeting at American Fork Junior High School on Wednesday night, amid jeers from Tea Party supporters.

Hatch blamed the Tea Party movement for the loss of Sen. Gordon Smith, a politically moderate but fiscally conservative Republican from Oregon.

Hatch said if the Tea Party had not backed a constitutionalist candidate in that race, Brown wouldn’t have lost to Democrat Jeff Merkley, whom Hatch described as “the most liberal senator,” by 45,000 votes. But Hatch’s critics said he was not interested in listening to them.

Translation:  “Hey, you populist hicks, don’t infringe my right to sell the party off to the highest bidder or the liberal bogeymen will eat you!”

Well gee, Gordon Smith actually voted for the 2008 bank bailout, the bete noir of the tea parties.  Then again, so did Orrin Hatch.  While Glenn Beck cheered them on.

When the bank bailout part deux came up in 2009, progressive Jeff Merkeley voted against it. Hatch took the chickenshit way out and voted “present.”

So, ‘splain to me again exactly what was lost?

Brrrr. Ugga bugga!  Homos!  Snowflake babies!  What?  No, that’s not my hand on your wallet.  You’re imagining things.

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