Thursday Night Basset Blogging

Hi. Updates, updates, we have updates.

One of the reasons that blogging has been sort of diminshed is that:

  • Wembley is quite a handful and we have a house full of stairs so there has been a lot of “spotting” as in being there to stop or catch him. Using last night (3AM to be exact) as an example, he just walked off the end of the bed as if there was more bed. It was very Wiley Coyote, but without the pause, “Help!” sign, and puff of smoke.
  • Secondly, whatever took away Beckham and caused Fenway to become ill is back again. Fenway is back on the meds and a bunch more tests are being run. We’ve pretty much eliminated environmental, so we’re down to bacterial or parasite. Hopefully we’ll have some idea what is up next Monday when the results are due. 2010 has not been a good dog year for us between vet bills and the acquisition of Wembley; we’re pushing about $5000 in slightly over six weeks. I’m thinking goldfish blogging may be in my future.

Other than that, the boys are bonding splendidly as you’ll see below. They are very attached to each other in much the same way that Satchmo and Beckham were. This has been a very good thing.

One other thing before picture and video; I see that Wembley’s brother (470-6) is still available. #6 was my second choice after Wembley and mrs TBogg tells me that he was “gorgeous”. Look at this face. So, I’m just saying, a new puppy and you could be related to me. Not that it’ll do you much good since I’m broke now. But still: puppy. Also, it turns out that Mr. Tait has played hockey with, and against, Professor Doctor Michael Bérubé, so small world, short dogs.

Now your multimedia extravaganza

By the way, you may notice a lateral white stripe right above Wembley’s tail: a friend dubbed it his tramp stamp. I have weird friends.

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