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Stephen Baldwin calls the President of the United States 'Homey' to ABC reporter

Ah, yes, our friendly fringe conservatives and their big racial tent…

And now, the mental giant actor Stephen Baldwin to ABC’s Jonathan Karl, who interviewed the born-again fundamentalist outside of CPAC:

The crowd was full of frustration towards President Obama and his administration, and the words “Tea Party” seemed to be flying out of every Republican’s mouth.  One big agenda item for the Republicans?  Galvanizing the youth vote.

And one of the people leading the youth charge is Stephen Baldwin.  One of the famous Baldwin brothers, Baldwin hosts a conservative radio show and has enlisted himself in the youth recruitment effort.  Baldwin told our Jonathan Karl that he blames Obama for the state of the country, but also prays for him.

“I am not happy about the way things are.  I pray for President Obama every single day.  But tell you what.  Homey made this bed, now he has got to lay in it,” said Baldwin.

When we asked Baldwin to clarify that he did in fact mean Obama when he said “homey”  Baldwin stuck by his words.  “That is correct,” he said.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding