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Late Late Night FDL: We The People, Solemnly

FireDogLake readers davedwards1 and oregondaveWe The People Solemnly.

Oregondave sent me the video with this note:

My music friend, Dave Edwards, was inspired on King’s birthday – right after the SCOTUS Citizens United decision – to write this song tracing the historical background of the corporate personhood debacle, and registering a ringing protest of same. He plays his banjo, and asked me to backup on cello (that’s me on cello). I was honored to do so, as I believe this court ruling, if left to stand, will turn out to be one of the most significantly damaging ones in our time.

I told Dave he had channelled Pete Seeger . . .

Davedwards1 says this about writing the song:

A few railroad lawyers got together after the Civil War, conspired to get two elected to congress where they both sat on the joint committee to write the 14th amendment freeing the slaves and argued for revising the traditional language of natural persons and artificial persons to be “persons.” This land mine could then later be used in court to steal human rights from “We the People.”.  On MLK b’day,  these words came streaming into my head – I feel from the collective divine creative.

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