Omigawd! “To Serve Whitey” is a cookbook!

Apparently there was some kind of tour of the White House today possibly held in conjunction with that Very Special Rahm Emanuel Event and Very Special Rob Port went rogue and started snooping around the White House library, drawn by the yummy smell of paste no doubt, and guess what he found? No, really. Guess!

Photo Evidence: Michelle Obama Keeps Socialist Books In The White House Library

I arrived in Washington DC today to cover CPAC and since I was in town, and since CPAC doesn’t really get rolling until tomorrow, I tagged along with some Scott Hennen Show listeners on an extensive tour of the White House as part of the Common Sense Travel Club. One of the stops on the tour (which was wonderful by the way) was the White House library.

Now, according out the person who guided our tour, the library is stock with books picked out by the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Being a bit of a bibliophile, I started to peruse some of the books on the shelves…and lookie, lookie what I found (click for a larger view):

How very sloppy of Michelle Obama to leave out Barack Obama’s super-secret plans to destroy America so that just anyone could see them and, oh Holy Shit, Rob! Look over there! A copy of The Road to Serfdom! Run, go tell everyone at CPAC that Barack Obama has AN ACTUAL MAP and we’re all gonna be slaves and not the cool “have her bathed, perfumed, and brought to my tent” kind of slaves. Well, at least not you.

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