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Hello Senator Hill or Ellsworth?

Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN9). Is this the change you were looking for? (photo: Adam P Schweigert/WFIU )

Why would Evan Bayh file to run for the Senate, and then pull out 24 hours before the deadline for signatures to be filed?

Well, because the Indiana Democratic Party gets to choose Bayh’s replacement on the ticket. And that means unless you can pull a candidate out and line up 500 signatures in each district to be filed by noon tomorrow, you’re a write-in.

How does the sound of Senator Hill or Senator Ellsworth sound?

Well, Rahm was in town doing a fundraiser for Hill recently. This has, no doubt, been in the works for a while.

But FDL/SurveyUSA polling from Jan. 16-18 indicates Hill is running 8 points behind Mike Soddrel for his own seat:

If there were an election for US House of Representatives today, and the only two candidates on the ballot were Democrat Baron Hill and Republican Mike Sodrel, who would you vote for?

41% Baron Hill (D)
49% Mike Sodrel (R)
10% Undecided

I wouldn’t call this an “in the tank” choice for the D’s.

Update: According to Dave Dayen in the comments, the Indiana Democratic Party can only replace Bayh on the general election ballot if there is no primary.  If anyone gets sufficient signatures by tomorrow, there will be a primary and Bayh’s name can’t be replaced.

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