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Sunday Late Night: eMeg Took eBay Backwards; California Too?

From a San Jose Mercury-News article about the dwindling prospects for Blacks, Latinos, and women in Silicon Valley, we garner this tidbit about GOP gubernatorial wannabe Meg Whitman:

Take eBay, for example. While the San Jose company declined to make its executives available for an interview, or to share its most up-to-date employment information, eBay said it believes workplace diversity is crucial.

But the numbers don’t reflect that.

As eBay’s local work force swelled to accommodate the online retailer’s growth between 2000 and 2005, eBay added 366 managers to its Silicon Valley offices. That net increase included just five additional black managers and no Hispanics.

At a time when eBay was headed by one of the few high-profile female CEOs in Silicon Valley, Meg Whitman, the share of the company’s managers and top officials who were female declined to 30 percent in 2005, from 36 percent five years earlier, according to federal employment data.

How forward-looking! Will eMeg’s longing for the California of days yore also involve fewer employment opportunities for minorities and women? But that’s not eMeg’s only look in the rear-view mirror: she has already made clear her plans to take California backwards by immediately suspending our state’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32) on her first day in office.

She also opposes marriage equality, on the basis that’s it a “matter of personal conscience and my faith.” Both of which, of course, should certainly drive public policy. Is it also a matter of her conscience and faith that polluters get a new free pass, and women and minorities are afforded fewer job opportunities?

eMeg’s first television ad had to be corrected to omit her lie that she has ‘lived in California for thirty years;’ — note she now says ‘the many years I have lived in California.’ She moved here in 1981 but lived in Massachusetts for seven years in the 1990s. California voters should start to worry about just how badly her governorship would retard our state when she says she wants California to “be what it once was.” Blacks, Latinos, women, our breathable air, and gays have suffered or will suffer under her leadership.

This is a person who has claimed she’ll spend up to $150,000,000 of her own money to become California’s governor. One rival says her campaign adviser tried to roughhouse him out of the primary. Her campaign may have gotten another opponent to swap into a US Senate campaign. eMeg likely recognized the bad optics of two female former CEOs atop the statewide GOP ticket, especially when the other one’s private enterprise experience and campaign so far are such laughable and dismal failures. Now eMeg’s former opponent for the gubernatorial nomination is the frontrunner against Carly Fiorina for the Senate. Was there a deal?

California has suffered enough under a term and a half of Arnold’s failed stewardship. We can’t have another GOP who promises to run California like a business. Especially the way eMeg has run both her business and her campaign.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge