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Love Is In the Air

Good Morning Pups!

How are you this fine Saturday morning?  I am just happy I can look outside and it’s not snowing!  I was beginning to wonder would it ever stop!

I was complaining, but then I started thinking that maybe the universe was giving me a break for a minute, so I stopped.  I am in the middle of my busiest time of the year…yes, unfortunately it lasts from December thru April.  Nonstop….

And sure enough, as soon as the snow stopped…everything took off again!  So, I guess it is time to get back into gear and get back on track to everything I said I was going to do before I got immobilized.  You know, the eating better (that went out the window during the snowstorm), the working out (some of us got a good one, shoveling and cleaning off cars), and taking everything in MODERATION.  Remember, that’s my new word for the year!

Well, this is Valentine’s Day weekend.  I am cooking a special Birthday/Valentine’s Day dinner at some point.  I say at some point because I haven’t had a chance to get to the store yet…uh oh, tomorrow is the day, right?  Guess I know what I’ll be doing later.  Also, I ordered a special basket that was made specifically for my SO.

So enough about me, what do you all have planned for this weekend?  Give me some more ideas…I think I’m in love with love!

I’m listening…

Pull Up A Chair

Valentine by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton

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