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New Fave FB Group: “Can This Dung Beetle Get More Fans Than Glenn Beck?”

REALLY. I love this…

Some posts:

A dirty, rotund and some may say uncaptivatingly simple creature known for feeding on feces, Glenn Beck is unsurprisingly far less fascinating than the well known dung beetle, of which there are thousands of species in more than one subfamily, depending on who you ask.

A very important animal in nutrient cycles, dung beetles contribute much to their local ecosystems by putting elements such as C, N and minerals back into the soil. This is in contrast to the animal Glenn Beck which scientists hypothesize has a highly detrimental impact on the ecosystem it belongs to, with a very high contribution to what scientists have called “the BS cycle”.

The page was started just 3 days ago and is already just shy of 3000 members; let’s help boost the numbers!

What is astounding is that the Beck Beetle has over 577,000 fans…

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