Republicans Tied with Democrats in Generic Ballot

The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll has a generic Republicans tied with a generic Democrat, 46% to 46%. This is a dramatic drop from four months ago, and spells bad news for Democrats. Back in October, Democrats had of lead of 51% to 39% over the Republicans.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll is the latest to show congressional Democrats effectively tied with Republicans on the generic ballot. A recent Gallup poll had the two parties tied with 45% of the registered voters each, While a PPP poll released early this month had Republicans with a small lead 43% to 40%. Poor poll numbers and high unemployment, combined with low voter enthusiasm among the Democratic base could spell real trouble for Democrats it they can’t start turning things around before November. Democrats are going to need a strategy to improve their poor poll numbers if they hope not to suffer serious loses in the midterms–but, so far, they don’t appear to have one.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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