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Peter Tatchell becoming disabled

Peter Tatchell, the UK’s best known gay activist (and arguably the best known gay activist in the world) has had to withdraw as a Green Party candidate for Parliament, due to the cumulative effects of the repeated beatings he has suffered.

He told the Guardian:  

I have problems with my memory, concentration, balance and co-ordination…I’m slower, I make mistakes more easily and I don’t quite have the drive that I once had. I’m now prone to a bit of depression, but it’s manageable.

He has also suffered falls in his home.

As a nice little aside, the Guardian story also notes:

One of the home-made banners [in his den] depicts Pope Benedict as “the Queen of Homophobia”, complete with fluorescent pink lips and swastika earrings.

The full story is here:…

More info is included in “PETER TATCHELL’S IRONIC AWARD” at:… (about halfway down the page).

This is such a shame.  Tatchell has been a tireless voice for equality, not only for gay rights but as a relentless critic of apartheid and capital punishment.  Let’s hope the bigoted thugs haven’t managed to silence his his voice completely.  

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