Michael Oren & Pajamas TV

Continuing his strategy of primarily addressing as narrow an American audience as possible, here’s Israeli Amb. Michael Oren speaking to Roger Simon of Pajamas TV. (Can’t seem to find an embed code.) It’s whatever– Oren is free to speak to whomever he likes. I question the utility of narrowcasting to an ideological ghetto at a time when — as Oren’s shout-down appearance at UC Irvine shows — Israel needs as wide a forum to speak to the skeptical as possible. But Oren won’t even talk to progressive American Jews, so I suppose this is the next step. (Then again, Oren appears to be backing down on J Street.) Roger Simon is particularly clownish as an interviewer, barely able to form a question and determined to speak as much as possible during this interview.

The interview is uninteresting Iran hysteria. But this line from Oren, at about the 4:30-minute mark, really ought to have been corrected: “The Iranians have proven themselves capable of delivering such punches in the past. They have blown up Jewish community centers in southern America.” Actually, no, the Iranians haven’t attacked any Jewish community centers in southern America. The Buenos Aires Jewish community center was bombed in 1994, killing 85 people, an act that an Argentine prosecutor attributes to Hezbollah. I’m not so hung up on distinguishing Hezbollah from its Iranian patron. But I am hung up on calling Buenos Aires “southern America,” a cheap elision of the facts that an American-born scholar who writes in English ought to be above.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman