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Late Night: And Also, Dennis, You Sure Are a Whiny Jackass

Smarter than Dennis Prager, at least...

One of the more fascinating characteristics of our conservative friends is what whiny little urine-rashed crybabies they are. Take this bit of sniveling from noted right-wing fatheaded fuck Dennis Prager, for instance.

If one had to read one columnist to appreciate the state of contemporary left-wing commentary, my nomination would be Frank Rich of the Sunday New York Times.

No well-known leftist columnist better exemplifies the worst aspects of today’s left. Virtually every piece is filled with anger, filled with ad hominem responses to arguments, filled with insults of opponents and at the same time devoid of intellectual arguments. A Frank Rich column is essentially a weekly tantrum meant to make his readers nod in agreement and reinforce their contempt for those who differ with them.

Frank Rich? Prager can’t take Frank Rich-level invective? Jeez, one can but hope Prager doesn’t discover the Internet anytime soon, the chickenshit little prissy-ass fuckfaced twerp, ’cause the vile stuff he finds there might just shrivel up his nubby little dick so much he won’t be able to rape his wife properly in the way Jesus intended. (And if you think I’m being just a tad harsh on the hideous poisonous pissant asslicker insect, click those last two links and get back to me.)

Anyway, the problem Prager has with Rich is that Rich said that the people who squawk the loudest about getting rid of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell are (my paraphrase) great horrible homophobic shit-for-brains bigots. As my esteemed colleague Dr. B. Texan has pointed out, this is in fact a pretty accurate description of Prager himself, as well as the swine he lies down with. But waah, waah, Prager stamps his itty-bitty feet and bawls that it’s just not twoo, he is a Big-Boy who Makes Big-Boy Intellectual Arguments in favor of brainless hateful discrimination against people his God tells him are going to Hell because of how abominable they are:

Where is this mainstream conservative “explicit anti-gay animus?”

That would be in the active campaigning to deny gays equal rights, dumbass. We don’t fucking find that sort of behavior particularly endearing. “I don’t think you deserve to marry the person you love! C’mere and give Uncle Denny a hug and we’ll discuss this as intellectual equals!” You know, fuck off.

And why are the arguments that gays in a military unit may fall in love with one another (or with a straight person) or that for the same reason — sexual tension — that we do not have men and women in the same units, showering and sleeping together, we might not deem it a good idea to have sexual tension in an all-men’s unit — why are these arguments “loopy” and “groundless”?

Because, moron, they’re “really fucking stupid.” Look, you not-remotely-smart person whose mental processes most closely resemble that of a meth-addled goat whose brain has rotted away from the effects of acute untreated tertiary syphilis caused by promiscuous chimp-fucking, the current policy allows gays to serve now, and thus all this (largely imaginary) “sexual tension” is already going on. It’s just that nobody can talk about it without getting kicked out in disgrace. Only someone who thinks “hide in shame, pervert” is the correct attitude for all homosexuals to adopt would defend DADT. (Oh by the way look who’s not defending it. America! And, soldiers! Amazing!)

“Conservatives” sure do like to complain about how liberals think they’re idiots. But then what the fuck other assessments are we supposed to make about people who preen themselves on how Very Intellectual they are and adduce as evidence their scientific illiteracy, economic ignorance, and foreign policy lunacy? If you don’t like being called a hateful idiot, well, stop going out in public and openly admitting you’re Dennis fucking spousal-sex-deviant Prager.

I mean, think of the children.

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