Exclusive! Must credit Daily Caller! More Awesomer than PJTV!

Not expecting a Pulitzer anytime soon

Following on the heels of Tucker Throws Treacher In Front of the Bus, the latest Exclusive! reportage from Tucker Carlsons’ groundbreaking experiment in internets journalism:

Roger Stone: The beauty of the indispensable black knitted tie
By Roger Stone – The Daily Caller

There are a few things a true gentleman cannot live without. The black silk knitted square-bottom tie is just such an indispensable item. No true gentlemen would be without one. They can be twisted, pulled, knotted and will perform for decades if not forever. Such a tie has saved my life on numerous occasions.

ITEM: You are wearing jeans and a blazer. It’s Friday but you are called into a meeting with the boss. Voilà! The black knit tie dresses up your outfit, moving you from Friday slob to the Euro look. Note – you can’t pull this off if you are stupid enough to be wearing a t-shirt in the office.

ITEM: You are dashing across an airport to catch the last flight from La Guardia to Miami. The latch on your suitcase breaks threatening to spill your finery and toiletries all over the ground. You whip off your indestructible black knit tie , lash the case closed with it and make the flight.


ITEM: You are in an Italian joint in the Bronx. A guido makes a slur against your mother. You come up behind him, slip off your black knit tie and garrote him Luca Brasi style.

In the rough and tumble world of business, media or politics the black knitted tie is indeed indispensable.

I’m sure there is a punchline here – somewhere – although it appears that the real joke is on the guy who gave Tucker Carlson $3 million.

This makes PajamasMediaTVWhatever look like Reuters.

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