Blanche Lincoln issued a statement about whys he joined the filibuster to oppose Craig Becker for the NLRB. Basically, she filibustered Becker because she wants to filibuster the Employee Free Choice Act.

“I believe there should be a balance between the rights of employers and employees in the workplace regarding labor laws and regulations that govern collective bargaining. After reviewing Mr. Becker’s record, I became concerned that his approach to these important issues could undermine the existing rules on union elections on matters that in my view should be addressed through the regular legislative process.”

Forget the fact that the NLRB simply cannot change the law on its own to allow majority sign-up, and that Becker said he didn’t think it would be appropriate to do so, and that Becker explained his previous academic writings as a very different role from an NLRB board member. Blanche Lincoln is doubling down on corporate philosophy in a desperate bid to keep her Senate seat. She opposed Becker because she wants issues to “be addressed through the regular legislative process,” which means she wants to ensure the Employee Free Choice Act go through the Senate so she can make sure to kill it herself.

Can we just abolish the Senate already?

Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

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