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Lincoln, Nelson Join Filibuster of Craig Becker; Cloture Fails 52-33

To be expected, but Blanche Lincoln joined Ben Nelson in filibustering Craig Becker’s nomination the National Labor Relations Board. Corporate groups set this up as a proxy vote on the Employee Free Choice Act, and Lincoln and Nelson got the message.

Vote is still going on. But a recess appointment is the only way for Becker to get a seat on the NLRB. Luckily, the next recess is next week…

UPDATE: Cloture fails, filibuster prevails. Vote: 52 yea, 33 nay.

UPDATE II: David Dayen at FDL News has more on this vote, including a statement from the AFL-CIO basically calling for a recess appointment.

UPDATE III: Senate posts the roll-call vote.  52 Dem yeas, 2 Dem nays, 31 GOP nays.  Note that Landrieu and Pryor were both absent for this vote; I would have wagered that at least the latter would have joined the filibuster, with the former not being the biggest fan of labor.

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