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Dockers Campaign is Sexist, Homophobic: GLAAD Silent

GLAAD is not commenting on the recent sexist, homophobic DOCKERS campaign that encourages men to “wear the pants” and welcomes people to “MAN Francisco.”

Activists at are calling on the LGBTQ community to speak up about the campaign, and contact GLAAD for a response. 

Currently, GLAAD is scheduled to honor the President of Levis, Dockers' parent company, with their Local Hero Award

It's a shame, because we do recognize that of all the corporations out there, LEVIS has been extraordinarily supportive of our community. Hopefully they can clear this up right away. But just because a company has been supportive of LGBT rights, doesn't mean we can let them off the hook for bad campaigns and bad labor practices.


These ads are plastereed all over San Francisco subway stations.



 These ads are seen in print and all over bus stations.

The advertisements make fun of men for losing their “manhood” by eating at salad bars, drinking lattes, and not helping “little old ladies.” 

By suggesting “men should wear the pants” the ads harken back to the days whe people used to say “men wear the pants in the relationship.” 

Jennifer Sey What!?
The woman who played an integral role in the planning of this campaign said it is all about telling men to “man up.” She even rants about what victims men have been in the bad economy and in the media lately. Umm… must we forget women still make way less than men and have less rights than men?

Lauren Flacone of the Boston Herald wrote:

“It sure was for men, according to Levi Strauss global marketing VP Jennifer Sey, who told Brandweek, 'In today’s world, men have lost a bit of footing, in part because women have come so far.' The nerve of us – getting the right to vote and own land and work outside the home. What were we thinking?”

Please kindly contact GLAAD to ask them to denounce this campaign and withdraw their award until Levis apologizes and removes the advertisements:

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