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Dennis Prager Angry That Conservative Anti-Gay Hysteria Not Seen in a More Positive Light

Dennis Prager is fuming mad about Frank Rich’s latest column, in which he called conservatives homophobic bigots. How unfair of Rich!

Prager asks indignantly,

Where is this mainstream conservative “explicit anti-gay animus?”

Funny he should ask, because the lead article today at Townhall, where Prager’s article and blog reside, is titled “Texas Gay&M” and begins:

Some time ago, I recommended Texas A&M University as a good place to get an education. Now that it has added a course in the English Department called “Gay and Lesbian Literature” I need to reconsider. Generally, when a school dedicates entire courses to homosexuality its days are numbered as a university to be taken seriously.

The article goes on to suggest an alternate course: ““Homosexuality and Other Bad Lifestyle Choices.”

No animus there!

And right below Prager’s piece today on Townhall is another titled, “Queer Theories and Theologies” by the same author, who writes of gays,

They do not seek to enjoy marriage. They seek to destroy marriage.

Can’t imagine where Frank Rich got the idea that Dennis and his wingnut buddies hate gays.

Maybe he reads Dennis Prager’s website. Or reads his articles. Or watches him on teevee.

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