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Barney Frank is great on progressive issues right up till it comes to his own business friends. The wealthiest bullys in the Northeast U.S. are the Scallop fishing fleet. Multimillionairs all, they just convinced Frank to intimidate the supposedly independent industry heavy fishery management council to reverse their previous decision and give away a big chunk of the yellowfin sole fishery, a big chunk of the summer flounder fishery and the health of the threatened and endangered loggerhead sea turtles so each of the scallop vessels could grab an additional quarter-million dollars of juvenile scallops this year. Short term gain was the pay-off and long term gain for all of the groundfish fishermen and for the ocean habitat and the sea turtles was the loss.
It is not that different from any other public resource exploitation for private corporate gain. The scallop family may be Representative Franks’ constituents but we certainly would not give Pombo a pass for that reason and we shouldn’t give Barney one either. We can understand but–as he__ should not consider him as worthy of the FDL support

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